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the elecrtic company came out today but i wasn't home.

they left a note on my door that everything checked out fine on their end.

i checked their incomeing lines and the ones off of the breaker and both read 120-121 apart and 240-243 together. but in the house they still r reading 130+ and 90ish apart but together there reading ok at around 240.

man i wish i had an amp probe to check what kind of amps each leg was pulling. lol

so anyother ideas would be appreciated, i worked building electric control pannels for 5 years so i know lil about electrical but not alot about residential electric and trouble shooting.

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hello larry,
sounds like u might have some loose connections, stray strands of wire, voltage bleeding off to ground, or mabe a bad disconect/ breaker / meter, the later 2 (bleeding, bad) not neer as likley but i have seen it. u need to check all your connections starting at the last known good point which in your post is and i quote "their incomeing lines and the ones off of the breaker", all connections need to be good and tight as well as clean(no oxadation)if this is aluminum wire remove the wires and clean and then put on some noox past(avalabel at your local electrical supply house) whin u r checking the connections also look 4 stray strands of wire all the wires shuld be under the lug. at your last good point both read 120-121 apart and 240-243 together, this is a normal reading u shuld also get around this reading at your main panel and points inbetween. voltage just cant appear, some how some where you r loseing voltage on 1 line to the other is what it sounds like to me
P.S. there isnt alot of diference between building and house wireing, and trouble shooting is exactily the same, main diference is that with buildings u r dealing with 3 phase, and higher voltages at times

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