Installing Single Pole-House Wires Inconsistent


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I am trying to install a single pole switch (presently have dimmer type now). Uncertain about which wire is hot and which is neutral as one of them is black and the other is red.

Purchased the new single pole switch, however, there is no indicator where to connect which wire. No idea where black should go, etc.

Also, the red plastic was slightly cracked and some of the cooper was exposed, therefore, is reinforcing it with electrical tape acceptable?

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Both wires will go on the switch. Does not matter which screw. One is hot, probably black, the other is the switch leg.(red)
There may be neutuals in this box, but if these are the two that came off the other switch (dimmer) then they go back on the single pole switch. You should not have touched any other wires.
Regarding the damaged red. Cut it back some if you have enough tail on it. The metal is stressed and will eventually damage the switch terminal.
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Thanks for the info.

The house wires are solid copper (not stranded) and I don't see how I can wrap them around the screws on the new switch. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!
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Got it figured out and works like a charm.

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There is a tool called a wire stripper that has a little hole in the end one uses to curl the wire.
However, in your case just take a needle nose pliers and turn the end to make a loop so it fits around the screw.

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