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We have an outlet in our garage that one day just stopped working. Anything plugged into it does not work. We have tried replacing the outlet - still does not work. We unplugged everything in the garage and reset the circuit breakers - still does not work. Had an electrician take a look at it and he couldn't tell us what was wrong either. Wouldn't be a problem except we are putting this house on the market and the Toro sprinkler system plugs into this outlet (not to mention it's located above the work bench and is used for power tools). All the other outlets in the garage work just fine.
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You have two choices left.
One, you have an GFI upstream which feeds this outlet and it is tripped.
If this does not apply, then the nearest upstream outlet is where your problem could be. A loose wire either on the neutral or hot. You can check this at the "dead" outlet. If you get a 120 volt reading between ground and hot leg, you have a neutral problem. If no reading whatsoever, you have a problem with the hot lead.
If you can recall which breaker regulates this outlet, turn it off to see what other outlets are on this circuit. The nearest one is the one probably feeding the non-working outlet and would logically be where your problem lies.

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