Your reply on local ajh, inspector

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Your reply on local ajh, inspector

If you remember a couple of weeks I had asked a few questions and you told me to go see the local inspector, I told you I had heard several bad things about him from several local electricians. Well I had my first meeting with the local inspector and he was a Pr**ck. I don't usuall use words like that but that explains him to a tee. I went in and told him what I was planning on doing, he was very rude and I knew from the start this is going to be a battle. Then I had a couple more questions about bonding, and he told me one thing, the 1999 nec states another, I talked to one of the electricians(which he was really helpful and I appreciate all the help from him I got), and he told me from the meter base to the main pannel the conduit has to have a grounding bushing on the pannel side and copper ran to the neutral bus, I asked the inspector about this and he said this was not required by the NEC and the electrician that I talked to did not read up on the NEC very much. . I left and got home and forgot a couple of questions so I called him back and I asked him a question about meter base height, the elec co specs say from 4-6' center of the meter. he told me what ever the elec co said was fine with him. Also asked him what size earth ground wire needed to be for my 200 amp service. He told me to look at table 266(I think this was it) in the NEC handbook and that would tell me and then before I had a chance to respond or ask him anything more he slammed the phone down and hung up on me.
I had already been told by the electricians that he was a pri**k, and that he wanted the center of the meter base to be exactly 6' from finished grade, this is why I called him in the first place to get all my ducks in a row so I wouldn't have any problems with him and his rules. I told the local electrician what he said about the meter height and what he said about the bonding bushing. He told me the inspector was feeding me a line of B.S. just to make me not pass inspection, because two weeks earlier he inspected a house he was working on and made him put the bonding bushing and make the meter base height exactly 6' to center. Well you asked for it so I'm telling you and like I expected my visit with my local inspector was not a pleasant one.

Please reply if you feel the need I would like to hear how you would handle this.


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kpell, Certain inspectors are like that, those are the ones who can defintely ruin your whole day as you know. Now, for a 200 amp service GEC(grounging electrode conductor), you would use #4 copper stranded(much easier to work with). This imformation comes for Table 250-66. Grounding Electrode Conductor for Alternating-Current Systems. The meter can max. height is 6', measured from grade to top of meter can. The meter can min. height is 3' 6", measured from grade to center of meter can. These are the measurements the power company here in Michigan recommand we use. I find the use of bonding bushings varies from city to city here in my area. When I had a problem with an inspectors decision I would contact the department head (his boss) and explain the situation to him. I loss more times then I won but, I had to give it a shot.

Good Luck!


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