Electrical Update - Older house (2)

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Electrical Update - Older house (2)

Thanks for the comments on the earlier thread (Electrical update-older house).

My second question (no replies) was:
If I am stuck with older romax 2-conductor wiring (no ground wire on cable), and no obvious way to get a ground for a properly grounded 3-prong socket, then, can a solid conductor, continuous (non-spliced) green ground wire be run from the neutral/ground bar in the mains box to an outlet close the the service panel so as to provide the ground needed for a grounded outlet? I realize that this is less than optimal, but there is no conduit in the walls and the walls can not be opened (rental property). The idea would be to use enclosed external wiring run along the baseboard.

Can/would this be legal? Any available references?
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A single green insulated equipment grounding conductor is allowed to be installed directly from the receptacle you are wanting to ground to the panel's grounding bar. The NEC requires you to follow the existing branch circuit as much as possible. I question you running a single conductor on a baseboard or under a baseboard unprotected. I suspect the NEC is thinking this single wire to go to an attic or crawl and in stud spaces fished. I don't know that this is required though.

YOu have a second option to change two prong receptacles to three prong receptacles by protecting that branch circuit or single receptacle with GFI protective device. Be careful on older wired homes the wiring normally was installed ot light fixtures first the octopussed out to each receptacle from that light fixture. There would be no first receptacle to place a GFI receptacle in to protect the rest of the receptacles. Older homes normally were not daisy chained like the new wiring styles. The older homes were branched out from a light fixture providing no first receptacle.

Hope this helps

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Using a GFI receptacle to relplace two prong recepacles although
strictly code, it will provide only the safety aspect of having a real
3 prong receptacle, not providing an earth groung for surge
supression and EMI/RFI protection, which some home and office
electronics require.

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