Doorbell Humming


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Came home from a 2 day trip and the doorbell chime unit in hallway was loudly humming. Transformer was in box behind the chime unit and was too hot to touch. Cooled off when chime unit was removed. Also dosen't hum with the chime unit removed. Replaced the chime unit, still hums. Replaced the transformer, still hums. Plan on replacing the push button on front porch to see if this will stop the hum. I hooked everything new up just like the old. What could be causing the hum? Thx.
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There are only two other possibilites, one being the button is stuck thus calling permanently power to the chime rods. Or the chime rods themselves are stuck.
Take the cover off of the box and move the rod with your finger. Does is bounce easily. If it does, it is probably your doorbell.
You can check this before getting another, but simply disconnecting the wire from it to see if it stops humming. Touch the wires together to get it to chime.
If it works and does not hum, the button was the culprit.
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hello fifi,
since u allready replaiced the chime unit and transformer this only leaves 2 options, 1 and most likley the door bell push buttion, remove the pushbuttion and touch the wires together (this is low voltage so it wount hurt u, might feel a slight tingel if u touch the bare part of wire) if it rings replace pushbuttionf it still hums then #2 the voltage at transformer might be low check this with a meter it shuld read around 120 on incomeing and around 24 on output, as well as makeing sure that the chime rods r free 2 move.

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