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I am attempting to create a game show type panel for my church. The problem I am having is how do I deactivate contestant 'A' switch when contestant 'B' activates the buzzer first (or vise-versa)? I also need some sort of a reset plan to reactivate the buttons for the next question. Please, I need some suggestions.
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ok heres an idea for the contestant switch use momentary contact push buttions. thease can be wired to stay energised by adding a holding circuit, or wired so the circuit drops out whin buttion is released. now the way to deactivate other contestants circuit is threw the use of 2 relays useing the normaly closed contacts wire the relays so that whin a contestant buzzes in it breaks the circuit to other contestants push buttion. now if u only use the momentary contact without a holding circuit there is no need 4 a reset, if u need circuit to stay energised like whin useing a light to tell who buzzed in then use a togal switch in the incomeing line breaking the hot as your reset. u could also use togal switches instead of push buttions thus eleamiting the holding circuit. if u e-mail me and tell me which u want to use togal or push buttions and if push buttion wheather u need circuit to stay inergised till reset ill send u a ladder diagram on this and hopfully it will be more clear.

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