fluorescent light dim ?


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the fluorescent light in my bathroom went dim and started flickering. I replaced the tubes but it didn't help. Then I replaced the entire fixture (ballast included) which helped a little - the light is somewhat brighter but still flickers noticeably. Also, the light is still not as bright as it was. I checked the connections at the wall switch and they appear to be good. The fluorescent lights in the other bathroom are working fine. Any ideas ? TIA. Doug
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hello DotKaye,
sounds like there is a loose connection in the circuit. turn off the MAIN breaker in your panel remove the cover and check all connections there (the lugs of main breaker will still be hot so dont check these), if every thing is tight then replace cover and turn MAIN back on. then turn off the breaker for circuit to bath light start going threw the circuit 1 box at a time.

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