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I am wiring ~10 outlets in a basement that is being converted to a workshop. All outlets will be running off the same single-pole circuit breaker (on the advice of an electrician). My intention is to run 12-2 romex from the breaker to the junction box. At the junction box I will split in 2 directions to 2 receptacles(connecting black to black, white to white). At the receps, I will pigtail (b to b, w to w) to the next receps in the line. At each recep, I attach the pigtail black to the brass screw on the outlet and the pigtail white to the silver screw. Is the correct and safe?
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You nailed it. And bare ground wires to green screws AND pigtailed to metal boxes. A standard 20-amp breaker should handle this circuit. Also, if you want to, a gfci outlet as the first outlet in each run will make all standard outlets past it subject to gfci.Good Luck!
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Thanks oldguy! I appreciate your help!
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hello terri,
sounds like a normal instulation to me if done as u said it will be safe and sound as long as u use a 20 amp breaker. 1 note to add on oldguys post if u want the other outlets to be gfci protected u do not pigtail u need to hook the incomeing wire from panel to line of gfci and then the outgoing wire to the load.
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Something else I left out, assuming you knew, remember that after you throw main breaker that both legs above it are always HOT. Test below before touching to install your 20-amp. Good Luck! (Sprky always keeps us non-pros straight. LOL)

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