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I have a 1907 Crafstman bungalow with original shingle siding. Before I paint this summer, I'd like to replace some of the shingle on the south side where the shingles are warped and cracked. Any suggestions or tips on what shingles to use and/or how to fit the new ones in under the existing ones I'm saving?

Paul Wiegardt
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Are these shingles cedar shakes (thicker, rougher) or cedar shingles (thinner, smooth)?Whichever, you should be able to find a like-kind bundle about 1/3 of a square (a square is 10'X10'=100 square feet of area). Slip a flat bar up under bad shingle, hook nails (should be two) and tap down with hammer on short end of bar to pull nails. Bad shingle should slip out. Put one of same width in its place, and nail through shingle over it to secure. After you've finished replacing all of the bad shingles, prime the new ones and paint all. Good Luck! Edit: There are flat bars with side slots for nail pulling just made for removing shingles like this, so recommend that you buy or borrow one.

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hello Shingled out,
im sending your post over to the forum walls in the section build, the modurator ther is much better equpiped to help you then i am in electrical. look for further replys there.
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hello Shingled out,
im also sending your post over to the forum roofing and waterproofing in the section build, im almost positive someone there will be abel to help you on this. look for further replys there as well.
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