where do i place outlet?

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where do i place outlet?

I would like to place a window type air cond. in a north shady window. and here's my question I am running a dedicated 20 amp outlet,using 12/2 with ground romex cable I have a hot water radiant baseboard heater running along the wall by this window. can i place the outlet above the heater and if so how far? The cord on the a/c is about 5 feet in length I would like to keep the outlet as close to the floor as possible thanks
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dedicated 20 amp outlet,using 12/2 with ground romex cable

You may want to check the rated amperage on that unit to see that #12 is big enough to handle it ( up to 20 amps). I don't think you have to be concerned about the height of the outlet. If so, maybe someone will straighten us out on that.
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The code standard of 18" above the floor should place the outlet above the baseboard.
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What code standard of 18" above the floor? Don't think such an animal exists.

Normally, the required spacing between a baseboard heater and a receptacle is specified by the baseboard heater manufacturer. In cases where the baseboard heater manufacturer forbids receptacles above it, the baseboard heater usually contains factory-installed receptacles (but not on the same circuit as the heating). You are required to follow the instructions of the baseboard heating manufacturer with respect to receptacle placement.
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bungalowjeff, Just in case you might what to research it futher in the code book. Article210-52. Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets. and Article424-9. General.

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outlet location

since there is no restrictions on this heater that says i cannot place an outlet above i think i will ,i am going to place the outlet 12 in. above the top of the heater, which would bring me about 18 in off the floor, because the only other option would be to run an extention cord 12 feet to the nearest outlet , which I would not even consider doing. thank you for your replies
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Oops, my bad. I meant "typical," not code.
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He mentioned that this is a hot water radiant heater. Do the same restrictions on outlet placement that apply to electric heaters affect hot water units? What about forced air ducts?

I have heard 12" from floor or the length of a hammer for residential receptacle placement. However, I think it is actually easier to access a receptacle when it is mounted up higher.

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