Junction Boxes, Old Wiring

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Junction Boxes, Old Wiring

Just a Few questions on junction boxes and wiring, first I have the plastic ones, with the knockout holes. Is it okay to use the NM(metal) connectors to secure the 12/2 in the JB? Second I am in the process of putting in a new meter base 200A, Service Pannel 200 A, the inspector told me that all I had to do was run the wires from the new service pannel and then dead end them in a junction box above the current pannel. Do I need wire nuts on the deadended wires? He has not been up there and seen what a mess it is, now that I have been up there and seen the situation I am worried that when he comes to inspect my work he is going to pull the meter because all the (exhisting work)connections in the attic are just laying everywhere, it looks like an electricians nightmare. 3,4 and sometimes 5 different splices on one wire. Can he cut my power? I am planning on splitting up the circuits, the entire house (120) is wired on 4 20A breakers and then branched off everywhere. Would it be in my best interest to rewire everything and split it up, connect it to the exhisting breaker pannel then put junction boxes where I will connect the new wire? This way he will have nothing to tag me on. Or is anything grandfathered? Also does the wire in the attic have to be stapled/secured every 4 1/2 ft? Does the exhisting wire have to be up to code. For instance I know that any new installs have to be in conduit if in the 6' circle around the attic entrance, but I have old ones that are running right along side that are not in the attic. Do these have to be brought up to code?


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I prefer metal boxes, just because of this situation, but you would be allowed to use plastic connectors on plastic boxes. metal fittings would have to be grounded. (short answer, not practical/code)
THere are plastic NM cable connectors intended for these plastic boxes with round 1/2 and 3/4 KOs.

AHJ issue-Haven't a clue. why would he need to be in the attic?
Is the service in the attic? Or is this dangerous and messy wiring new and a documented issue?
I'll let some of the others follow up on the AHJ portion.
I have to be on an airplane to K.C., MO tomorrow morning.

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Green jacket,

The reason he would have to be in the attic is because he is requireing that I pull the current wires up into a junction box above the current location and run my wires from my new pannel to there. Did you say that they make plastic connectors? I've yet to find any anywhere. Got any ideas where to look?


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Green Jacket, if the existing panel is in a clothes closet or bathroom the AHJ may be requring the junction box to be removed from that area. It may have been a suggestion to move the junction into the attic instead of a visible junciton box in a living area also.

Just some thoughts in second guessing the AHJ


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