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A couple of weeks ago I agreed to help a friend. Her brother was out of town and her future sister-in-law wanted to surprise him. I was asked to make some repairs and finish off the bedroom. Virtually a small remodel job.

The new paneling was white and all the outlets/covers were brown. Clash!

I started to replace with white and made a discovery that still gives me chills.

There was an add outlet midway up one wall. When I pulled the cover I noticed stranded wire on the screws. Thought this strange on an old house. Why THHN?

After I pulled the outlet I found this: 16 gauge extension cord was run through wall instead of Romex. The insulation was cracked in at least two places on each leg. The outlet was so worn out it was barely usable.

The decision was to to cap it and cover it. They did not want me to make it right! I'm not sure what scares me more.

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hello More than a Carpenter,
i c you have found some of the QUALITY FIRE STARTER wireing (pun intended). you r verry right in being scared what you came across is a fire waighting to hapen. even though u caped it off at the recep, its still a fire hazard due to fact the its still live, and can short out. ill bet if you did some more looking youd find more the the same wireing. take my advice, and explain to them exactily what they r dealing with, and if the want to keep there home the need to CORRECT this NOW! i have seen people lose there home for this verry thing because there insurance would not cover there loss. this was exceptabel in the code so the insurance has a loop hole. being a licensed electrician here i am required to totaly disabel any and all illeagel wireing i come across, and let the city building department know and they r given a time limet to bring it up to code, this is how unsafe this is. feel free to print this and show it to your friend and if they have any more ? my e-mail is allways open
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Lordy! Sounds like some of the wiring in my old long gone frat house. LOL

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