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I woould like to replace an outlet that is cracked. I know little. Here is my probelm,everything I read says to disconnect the wiring from the screws to the left and right of exisiting outlet and replace in same fashion to new outlet. However, when I look at my existing outlet the wiring is not connceted to the four screws (2 on each side) but rather four (4) wires come out of holes in the back of the outlet (2 holes on each side). I DO see the ground attached to a screw (no problem there) Not having seen what I expected (i.e. one wire attached to one screw on each side for a total of two--NOT four wires coming from holes in the back of the outlet) I stopped can anyone tell me what it is I am looking at?
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You're just looking at an outlet in the middle of a normal circuit. Black wires are hot, white wires are neutral, bare wires are ground. Wire the black to brass screws, white to silver screws, pigtail bare to green screws on outlet and metal box. Should work fine. Good Luck!
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hello hotwire,
do as oldguy said and u will be just fine. if your woundering how to remove the wires from the back with power off insert a small flat blade screwdriver in the slot and then pull the wires out. if theres enough wire to restrip i just cut wires flush with back and restrip

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