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Question breaker????

I keep blowing the breaker> there is too much on that breaker how do I take some of the rooms off one breaker????

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This is not a good job to get electrical experience with, so unless you've done a number of other electrical projects, I'd recommend getting help with this.

An on-site evaluation is necessary to see what alternatives you might have, but adding another circuit is probably indicated. If you have a free slot in your panel, and haven't already overloaded your service, then it's not too bad. You (or who you get to do this for you) will install a new breaker, run a new cable from the box to the room that you want more power, and install one or more outlets there. There are a lot of codes and safety issues hidden behind this simple sentence, so don't go into it uneducated. Depending on the location of the panel and the rooms to be served, the challenges are often as much physical routing of the cable as they are electrical.

If you have no space in your panel, swtiching some circuits to tandem breakers or adding a subpanel are reasonable alternatives.

If you have insufficient service capacity (e.g., a 60-amp service) then you may need a complete panel replacement and service upgrade.
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Another way to approach your overloaded circuit is that sometimes you can get lucky and find one heavy load on that circuit and put that one heavy load on a new dedicated circuit. This way your heavy load is on a new circuit that can carry its load more easily and also subtracts that amp load from the existing branch circuit that is overloading causing your breaker to trip.

Try turning off that breaker that trips. Then check to see if you have any appliances, window air conditioners, kitchen counter receptacles on that circuit that quit running with that breaker off. Then if you find one of those listed above on that circuit install a dedicated branch circuit with a new breaker in the panel to serve that heavy load.

This stands a good chance of working. Often times someone adds a load or changes a usage in a certain area of that house often times such as a kitchen receptacle with a new fryer or a window air conditioner that pushes that existing branch circuit beyond its capabilities.

Taking that heavy load off that existing circuit is like lightening the load on an old horse. The horse can still work just not as hard as you want.

Let us know what you find out.

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Talking that nasty breaker

Thanks to all that helped me out !! John Nelson and Wgoodrich I think I'm going to talk to a contractor freind of mine.

Thanks again.


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