Meter must be with panel?


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We're doing an addition and need to relocate our existing meter & main panel. I'm pretty sure I know where the power company will want the new meter, but this is not where I want the breaker panel. We're on a slab & it would be adjacent to a room with vaulted celing, making the running of future circuits very difficult.

Must the breaker panel be co-located with the meter? Everyone I've asked has told me their's is co-located. If they don't need to be together, can the feed from the meter to the main breaker be: 1) Run in flex armored conduit through the walls to the main panel? 2) Buried outdoors in conduit or pvc (how deep?) alongside the addition? 3) Run in a conduit set in or under the slab prior to pouring. This is a 200amp service.

When I extend the existing circuits from the old panel (all currently flex conduit), can I just put a bunch of junction boxes in the attic and extend from there with Romex? I plan to wire the new addition completely with Romex.



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There is no requirement that the panel be near, next to, the meter. In fact most panels are remote.
You can run the secondary feeders above ground, below ground, in emt, pvc, intermediate conduit, mc type cable or mineral coated cable.
When the feeders are located more than eight feet within a dwelling, then a service disconnect must be located at the meter.
If you bury it, rigid conduit, intermediate, require 6 inches. PVC requires 18 inches. If it is going to be under the slab, it only needs to be under the concrete with a minimum thickness of 2 inches. Most slabs qualify since they are either 3 or 4 inches.
For the old branch circuits. You don't necessarily need more than one JB. If they all are in the attic, just pull them up from the old panel and put all of them into a large enough junction box.
Romax is acceptable for the extensions and for your new circuits.
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hello olster,
looks as though david answered all youre ? quite well, he gave same advice i would have.

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