shock from the cement

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shock from the cement

I just installed a timer in my pool house. it is a 22o volt single pole timer that has an on and off setting. I installed it directly to the cement wall in the pool house by drilling holes in the cement and inserting plastic hole plugs. I brought the power into the timer from an on/off switch. the black and red wires coming from the switch go into the timer and then to the pool pump. there was also a ground wire in the switch box that I connected to the timer ground and to the ground coming from the pump. Now when we get out of the pool and grab the fence gate (aluminum chain link) to open it we get a shock. also my wife was washing the cement and got a really bad jolt from just standing on the cement. Whats going on? What did I do wrong and how do I fix it. Thanks for any information that I get from anybody.
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Im not sure but it sounds as if you need to go to a double pole timer. If you are breaking just one line of the 220, then you could be leaving the other line to the pump motor energized. The current leakage through the motor winding could be causing the shock.
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Do not allow anyone in that pool until you have solved this shock hazard. You have a life safety issue here. Remember water and electricity only mixes with deadly results.

Turn everything off on that pool. This includes any area lights, underwater lights, pool pump etc. Make sure everyting is off on that pool and anywhere within 20' of that pool.

Then turn on one circuit at a time until you discover what branch circuit is causing the voltage leak into your concrete. I am suspecting a failed underwater light seal or under concrete electrical wire.

This is not one you want to guess with.

Once you discover the branch circuit that is causing the shock hazard then come back in and tell us what is on that branch circuit and how it was wired. whether inside the concrete, UF cable, Conduit, and what motors or other loads. Then we can center down on what you have.

Be very careful with this shock hazard. The difference of potential can change without notice. You may get a light shock one minute and a death rated shock the next minute without notice.

I suggest you contact a qualified electrician on this project. This is not really a DIY project.

Your safety is our concern first.


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