electrical short?

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Unhappy electrical short?

I have a 1971 trailor and my 2 bedrooms and refrigerator are on the same circuit. I have lost power now the last 2 nights. The breaker is not tripped. I turn it off and then back on. Nothing happens. I get frustrated and walk away. A few minutes later power resumes. Could the breaker be bad? This is what I have been told happens when they are going out. Also the fridge light is very dim when coming back on. Only happened once last night but it has happen all night tonight. Would of never known because I am sleeping but my cordless beeps when the phone looses power. Please help if you can. My boys are not home and I would hate for this to be a fire issue. I just had a roof put on last year. Its sagging on the outer walls and dont know if a wire could be pinched. Don't know how the wires are run? Thank-you for your time.
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Replace the breaker, also you need to check every outlet and switch that is on that circut for loose connections. Don't forget to check the neutral wire for that circut in the panel box as well.
Good luck
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This sounds like a poor connection at a receptacle or splice. You need to locate this problem ASAP. This could be a fire hazard. It could even be more of a hazard because trailres of that age were often built using aluminum wiring. Please leave the power off to that circuit and have the wiring checked.
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I agree with Don. You never know what goes on behind the walls of a trailer, with every fixture and recpt box is used as a junction box and the cheapest devices, fixtures and al wire. Rodents get in and chew wires where they go thru holes also. I use them for migrant housing and have just replaced wires, but anymore I disconect the box, [usually fuses] and replace with a breaker box. I then run new stuff in pipe on surface,,, really works well and my wiring headaches and worries are done. If something is blinking and lights are fading I think I would have a bit of trouble sleeping. A new wire to the fridge right from the panel wouldnt hurt either,,, you could install from underneath.
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I have determined it is the fridge where it was plugged in. I was wondering if the fridge could be making the outlet too hot or something because I moved it to another outlet that was on a different circuit and that outlet quite working too. Right now I have it on circuit that has two 30 on the breaker thing and it has been fine. Will it become to hot eventually. Help is the refidgerator taking a dump.
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I advise you to contact and electrician. You mentioned the breaker has 30 amps yet no duplex receptacle for normal use in the house is approved for 30 amps. I too suspect you have a bad connection and most likely it will be a receptacle may be a back stab problem with a loose connection that has caused heating damage. This heating damage may be close to causing a fire and may be ok. Not worth taking the chance. I would call in an electrician on your situation unless you are skilled at diagnosing a breach in a branch circuit.

Good Luck and be safe


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