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The little toilet in my house has one switch
controlling both the light and the extractor
fan.Unfortunately as i was trying to change
the light fiting i disconnected all the wires
from the ceiling rose and cannot figure out
how to put it all back together again.There are 3 cables,one of which has a red,a black
and an earth wire;there is power to this cable irrespective of the switch position.The
second cable also has red,black amd earth wires but no power.The third cable has 4 wires:red,blue,
yellow and earth.There are 8 connectors on the ceiling rose:two of these are labelled L,
another three labelled LOOP and the last three labelled N.The only connections i am
sure off are the live and neutral of the light bulb flex which go into connectors 1
and 8 respectivelly,of the ceiling rose.Apart
from the earth wires i do not know where the
other 7 wires connect.Please help!
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I am not the familiar with UK wiring, so bear
with me.

Here wu use the convention of excluding
the earth wire when counting wires in cable,
so a 2 wire cable will be 2 power wires
with a ground, making 3 total.

I suspect the 3 wire cable might lead to
the switch, the other red/black the extractor. I don't know which (red or black)
is neutral, so I'll assume black, you
connect them together, and temporarily connect a lamp between each red wire on
each of the 2 wire cables. If the lamp partially lights, and the extractor is
partially working when you apply power,
then the seond 2 wire cable is the fan.

Use a continutiy tester to find which leads
on the 3 wire cable are for the switch.

When you are sure which wires connect to what, the neutral of the fan cable ,light,
and power connect to N terminal, the hot
and switch connect to L, and the hot leads for the fan and light connect to loop,as
does the other switch lead. Of course all of
the grounds connect together.

A way to find which wires go where on the switch, is to pull it out, and see what wires
go where.
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