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I recently purchased a home and was wondering about upgrading the breaker box. The current box looks like it is the orginal box from '78 when the home was built. Two questions: 1. Is this something can be easily done by myself? 2. Will the wiring through out the house need to be replaced?
I lied one more question, after changing a breaker box does the house need to be inspected (i suppose this is a matter of local code).

Thanx in advance
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hello ruakicker,
in my profesional opnion a service change is no job for a doityourselfer. i have seen and corrected may atempted service changes. a service is the heart of your electrical supply and if it is done incorrectly u could have an unsafe instulation, this is 1 job that is best off left to some 1 that has the experence and knowlage to do the job right the first time.

now as to wheather you have to upgrade the inside wireing this is a matter of local code and your local electrician or city can answer this for u.

now as to wheather the job will have to be inspected. yes it will i know of no power company that will hook the powetr back up with out it being inspected, now wheather they will inspect the whole house or not i cant say this would all depend on the local code.
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I have a question for you? Why would you even consider a rewiring situation on a system that is only 22 years old. The wiring itself, used since the 1950's will be around and usuable for long after your gone, even if you are very young.
Changing your breaker box might be a consideration, if it is small even though has the amperage allowance or it is on old model and out of production as FPE.
And I will second Sprk's suggestion that you let a pro handle it if you do decide to change your panel and definitely if you meant the service as well.
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Of course I would also have to ask "why". I presume you are going to put in something different that what's there or what would be the point. So the more interesting, but unasked, question is whether what you plan to change is a good idea or not.

As to your specific questions: (1) Yes, of course you can do it yourself, but not until you don't have to ask that question. Given sufficient intelligence, a good dose of common sense, and dilligent research, a homeowner can do absolutely anything.
By the time you're ready to do it, you will have done enough study to be absolutely sure that you can do it -- if you don't get to that point, don't do it! (2) I can't imagine why changing the breaker box would require the house wiring to be replaced. (3) Certainly. In fact, it needs to be more than inspected -- get a building permit and get your plans approved before you start. Insist that the building inspector inspect it closely.

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