Adding a new switch in kitchen

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Adding a new switch in kitchen

I have an existing 2 wire in the soffit in the kitchen. I want to install a decorative light and add a switch (maybe a dimmer). Do i run a 2 wire (14/2) from the new switch up to the existing 2 wire; splice the black to black, white to white, then run pigtails to the light, or do i need a three wire for this or with a dimmer if i decide to use?.

Your assistance is appreciated...
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Gary Tait
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Assuming the wire you have there has continuoous power,
you will connect the black of that wire to the white of
the wire going to the switch, and the white of the power line to the white of the lamp, and the black of the wire from the switch to
the black on the lamp.

In the switch box, connect the switch to the black and white wires, and if the switch cares, white is power.
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Before you do anything, you need to figure out what that cable is. Where is it coming from, where is it going to, what circuit is it on, and what else is on that circuit?

And remember, all connections need to be made in permanently accessible junction boxes.
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Thanx guys. This 2 wire is the only wire coming out of the soffit. It is live, of course. All that was connected to this was a light with a pull down chain. I don't know where this wire is feeding off of. Do i really need to be concerned?. I will need to get up in the attic to look and also snake down the 2 wire to the switch. I'll follow Gary' wiring info.

Thanx again...
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What size is the existing wire and the breaker protecting it? If you've got a 20 amp circuit, you won't be able to connect any 14 AWG wire to it.

Whenever you add to a circuit you must first determine what is already on that circuit and how much power it consumes, then add your proposed new load to that to see if you have the additional capacity available.

The other loads on the circuit become particularly important since the room in question here is a kitchen. You are not allowed to put any lighting on either of the two required 20 amp small appliance circuits.
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Thanx. The previous owner did have a small fluorescent light in this spot (over the sink). To turn it on, there was a pull down chain. I've already removed this fixture and want to add a nicer light, plus add a switch or dimmer. I guess i should check the panel and see what type of breaker this is on.

Note: The wire looks like 14/2, but i'll check.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you...
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Thanx for all your help. My new light is working great using a Leviton dimmer switch.

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