Wiring 3 dimmers to single power source

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Wiring 3 dimmers to single power source

I posted this in the "wired home" board but it looks like more people read this.

I thought I would be able to figure this out (seems pretty simple) but its kicking my a**. I am trying to connect 3 dimmers to 3 light areas. I have one incoming power source (not actually hooked to power yet but I have been checking continuity with a meter). Can anyone tell me how this should be wired? Is it possible?

FYI I am using 14/2

Problem I keep running into is when I turn one swith on it "opens" all 3 circuits...
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So these are regular single-pole dimmers (i.e., not 3-way dimmers)? And the three lights are to be operated independently?

Is this a new installation, or are you replacing standard switches with dimmers?

There are a million ways to do this correctly and a million ways to do it wrong, so it's not possible to cover them all.

Let me assume that this is a new installation, and then let me give you one way to do it correctly. Run the power cable to the first dimmer, then from the first dimmer to the second dimmer, then from the second dimmer to the third dimmer. Then run a cable from each light to the dimmer that will control it. At each dimmer, hook the two power cable black wires to each other, and to one wire on the dimmer. Then hook all three white wires together (but not to the dimmer). Then hook the black wire to the light to the other dimmer wire. Of course, connect all grounding. And of course at the third dimmer, you will only have one power cable.

If this doesn't seem to apply to you, then tell us exactly what you did do, and we'll try to spot your mistake.
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Yes, they are single pole and are to be operated independently.

It is a new installation for my basement finshing project.

That makes sense, I guess if I would have drawn it out I would have come to the same conclusion, I was trying to hook up the white "return" from the lights to the switches and make it work somehow....duh. Thanks for the help!!

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