breaker won't reset

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Question breaker won't reset

I have a circuit that controls a small mudroom (1 switch, 1 outlet) and an outside shed (also 1 switch, 1 outlet). Recently the breaker won't reset. When I turn it off and then back on again, it trips immediately.

I will try a new breaker, but if it is not the breaker - how do I go about checking the wiring to find the problem?

Also, nothing is plugged in to the outlets, and the light switches are off.

I am worried that it is a problem with the wiring that goes underground to the shed. Is it possible to cap that off and have everything else work? I don't care if there is electric at the shed.

Sorry for babbling - thanks in advance for any advice.

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Stop. Don't change the breaker, at least not yet. It is unlikely to be the source of the problem.

Yes, the underground wiring might be the problem. See if you can figure out where the wire leaves the house and disconnect that end of it. It's probably in the switch or outlet box in the mud room. Then see if you can reset the breaker.
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Thanks John - I'll give that a try tonight
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Thanks a million! I did what you said and you were right. It was not the breaker - it was the outside wiring. The mudroom works now, and I will run new wire for the outside.

Thanks again,
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Gary Tait
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Have you determined the underground wiring at fault?
It could be something in the shed at fault.
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You are right Gary - I jumped the gun in stating I would immediately run new wiring - it got dark and I couldn't fully check everything. I just disconnected the wiring to the shed and got the mudroom to work.

I will check everything before running new wire - especially since my shed is a good 150 feet from the house and with my luck, pulling the wire will end up being quite a job.

Thanks for the reply,

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