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I would like to install a light fixture with its own switch running power from a middle of the run outlet. How do I wire this? Thank you.
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The easiest way is if you have access to your attic. Find the outlet closest to where you would like the switch, then put the switch right above the outlet. Above the switch, make a small hole with a nail or such and push an unwrapped coathanger in the hole for a marker. get into the attic with a drill and paddle bit, drill through the top plate, drop your wire down and over to where you want the light fixture, wire it, and you're done.
Most hardware stores carry "old work boxes". you'll need 1-1gang plastic cut-in, a 3-0 (three-oh) light fixture box, an oversize recept plate, and of course, wire - 14-2 or 12-2 romex. the hardest part is getting the wire into the existing electrical outlet; that is what the oversize plate is for. with a dull saw, cut about 1/2 inch directly above the outlet box, and use the coat hanger to help put the wire in the box.
if you need more help, email @: [email protected]

also, if there's no attic space or a floor above it, hire a pro or forget it.
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hello rip,
ok here is what u need to have and do.
1- old work switch box or cut in box with box supports.
1-old work celling box.
enough romex to run from outlet to switch and from switch to light;#12-2 if on a 20 amp circuit, 14-2 if on a 15 amp circuit.
1- singel pole switch
1- singel gang switch plate
and of corse your light.
now what u need to do is as follows
1. trace box on wall at hight desired above outlet, and celling box
2. cut out traceing just slightly larger
3. cut a small piece of dry wall from wall and celling
4. cut a knotch in the top plate
5. fish wire from switch box to light box hole
6. install romex in celling box and install
7. connect your light color to color
8. turn off circuit
9. remove recep from wall
10. fish romex between recep and switch box
11. install romex in box and install
12. connect whites together and push to back of box
13. connect bares together and leave a tail
14. connect the bare to the green screw of switch if present
15. connec the 2 black wires to the switch, and install and cover
16. connect wires in recep box color to color and pigtail(small piece of wire aprox7" long wirenutted to 2 or more wires produceing 1 end to connect to device)
17. connect bare to green screw, white to silver scrrew, and black to gold screw
18. reinstall recep in wall and cover.
19. turn circit back on
oops forgot to tell u how to get your wire to light if celling joists run threw your path. if u incounter this problem all u need to do is cut small sections of drywall out and knotch the celling joists and run wire threw the knotches. 1 other point to mention u will need to cover the knotches with a nail plate(piece of metal aprox 1/16" thick)

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