one circuit for compter or not


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I want to run a circuit from a spare 15amp breaker, which will contain four closet lights and one receptacle. I plan on using the receptacle to plug in a computer. I was told that I should run a separate circuit for the computer. Is it really necessary to run a separate circuit or would I be o.k. using my original plan? I also would like to know if 14g wire is sufficient for this application.
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Personally, I would run 12/2 from the breaker to the outlet, then 14/2 from the outlet to the lites. As long as the lites are incandescent, I see no problem having them on the same circuit as the computer. Just don't put anything else on the circuit. (The reason for the 12/2 to the outlet is you never know what may get plugged into the outlet. A 13 or 15 amp vaccuum cleaner would be pushing the smaller wire to the max.)
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You can mix wire sizes as Lefty suggests, however, you MUST protect it based on the lowest size. In Lefty's example, that would mean a 15 amp breaker/fuse, nothing larger.
This would be sufficient for your use.
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You got the correct idea here. Best suggestion I could make is go with your plan to have a seperate circuit for the computer. Those 4 light bulbs in the same circuit are okay.

Fact is: Have a double wall box receptacle installed and plug everything associated with your computer, and desk items into it.

Computers are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. I had two doubles on a new circuit installed 2 year's ago and it was well worth it.

I run 2 computers, 2 printers, 2 scanners and all the other electricial items usually found on 2 office desks without any problems electrical wise from these 2 double receptacle box's.

Install that extra circuit and double wall box. You'll be glad you did. Once the job is done and all is running fine...relax and have a beer!


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