When are inspecters req'd?


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Question When are inspecters req'd?

When does it become necessary for an inspector to come look at home?

Replacing current receptical with GFCI?

For something like adding a GFCI to the kitchen?

Installing a new light or fan?

Or how about adding a new branch?
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The actual accurate dividing line as to how much you can do before an inspector must inspect your work depends on the ruling of the AHJ [inspector] in your jurisdiction. However most common break is as follows.

Minor repair [replace a receptacle or hang a light fixture to existing box is normally minor repair. Replacing a breaker or GFI protective device in normally a minor repair.

Any time you change the integrity of your wiring such as running a new wire of any kind calls for a permit and inspection.

To know you limits to be exact get a ruling from your AHJ He or she is the final call on the subject.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info WG......
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I have asked that question of my inspector in the past, and was told that in our community a homeowner cannot by law do more than change a bulb or plug and unplug appliances without a licensed electrician. Hence, a permit would be required as well as an inspection. About 25 years ago, I built an addition on my house. I took a test on the electrical code and was allowed to pull a permit and do the work myself. More recently, (4 years ago) I was getting a permit for enclosing a porch and was told by the same inspector that the city no longer issues homeowner electrical permits. That said, he did suggest if I knew an electrician who would get the permit for me, that it would be OK with him, since he knew that I knew what I was doing.

It just depends on the law where you live and the reasonableness of the individuals responsible for enforcement.
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Repair or replacement does not require a permit. Any alteration or change requires a permit and inspection. Most agencies have done away with owner-builder permits in the electrical area.

In essence if you move a switch one inch, a permit is required!
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