Ceiling Fan Speed Switch Wiring


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I've bought a replacement speed switch for a ceiling fan and can't seem to get the wiring right. I'm sure it's the right switch. It never gives me the hi-medium-lo-off that I'm looking for. Any ideas?
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I may not be able to tell you exactly how to wire your fan switch but I can tell you how I did mine. Maybe yours will work the same way.

My fan switch had 4 wires.
First I found the HOT wire.
Then I connected one of the other wires to the HOT wire. That gave me one speed.

Then I connected the second wire to the other two. Now with two wires connected to the HOT wire, I had another speed.

When I connected the last wire to the HOT wire, I then had all the wires connected and the fan was running on high speed.

Yours may work this way too. However, it may not be wired this way and you may need to run a test prior to installing the switch.

Try connecting only one wire to the hot wire at a time. Determine which wire is what speed. Yours may not need all three wires connected to have the three speeds.

Good Luck,
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I appreciate the response. One question...when you say connect the other wires to the hot (black in my case) wire, I should plug them into the same "slot" in the switch as the hot wire?

Thanks again!

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Negetive. I did not intend to imply that all wires be connected to the same terminal in the switch. If I incorrectly implied that, I stand corrected.

What you need to do FIRST is determine which wire, when connected seperately to the HOT <Black> wire, is which speed. One wire will be for each speed. You have to know this first.

When you find the wire that is LOW speed, put that wire into the number 1 <one> slot of the new switch. <My switch had tiny numbers by the wire slots.> Your switch should also have these numbers, althought one has to look really close to see those numbers.

Next, connect another wire to the HOT wire. Determine it's speed. When you find MEDIUM speed, put that wire into the number 2 <two> slot. Then just put the last wire into the number 3 <three> slot.

Then install the black wire into the main slot. You should see this slot easy. It was the large one on my switch but may not be the same on yours. Check for some type of identifing mark on yours.

All else fails, pick one speed, connect only that wire to the HOT <Black> wire and cap the wire. Tape the others up and replace the cover.

Good Luck,
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Thanks, Tom! I'll give it a whirl (no pun intended).
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