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I have two ceiling fans hanging from a beam in my living room which operate from one wall switch. The fans are identical, but from the outset the one closest to the switch always runs faster than the one at the other end of the room. They were installed during construction of the house and I'm wondering if some kind of wiring discrepancy is causing this. This happens whichever of the three speeds the fans are set on. We've been in the house for 14 years and the fans haven't shown any other problems, they just run at different speeds.
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hello duhboy,
chances r that the speed diference isnt caused by your wireing, but rather the fan itsself. it could possabily be a bad connection but since it has worked 4 14 years i have my doubghts on the bad connection. i have seen this situation befor in homes i wired where the home owner supplyed the fans and checked every thing out on the wireing and all was ok. i have my own opnion on this that its a problem in the manfacturing with the cheaper fans.
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I agree with sprky. Doubt it has anything to do with the electrical wiring. Most likely it's within the fan motors.

Try a simple test. With both fans running, turn OFF the faster running one and see if the SLOWER running one speeds up some.

If there isn't any change in speed to the slower fan, I suspect it's the motor.

Could this be an optical illusion? Happens to everyone when watching fan blades rotate or if one had too many BEERS??? hahaha

Good Luck,

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