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Is it possible to install a NEW electrical outlet from any wall???

Is it possible to install a NEW electrical outlet from any wall???

Old 07-21-02, 09:05 PM
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Question Is it possible to install a NEW electrical outlet from any wall???

I have a fairly large room. When we moved into our house the room only had two electrical outlets, not enough for me. What I need to do is install a new outlet so I won't overload the existing ones. I looked at some of the other projects listed on this site, but none really match what I am trying to accomplish. Is it actually possible to do this and, if so, how would I go about doing so.

Thank you,
Old 07-22-02, 06:51 AM
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Sure its possible. You will need to drill a hole from underneath and cut the hole in the wall and fish a wire up. If there is going to be much power demand run wire all the way back to the panel. 12/2 wg Those power strips are great too. I add one for my Grandmother so she isnt green acres the plugs all the time and I have them in a couple places also where there is a bunch of electronics plug in. If thats the case you often just need recepts,,, not really having an overload proplem as much as lack of spaces. I stop at a buds the other day (electrician) and look at where he has tv/vcr stuff. He must have had 4 strips and countless 3 ways plug in,, 30 or 40 things. I had to comment,,, he laughed and said,,, ya I wondered so he amp probe it and was about 4 amps with most of the stuff on,,, some only has milliamps of draw. If you using electric heater or ac unit thats a different matter.
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Since adding receptacles is one of the most common DIY electrical projects, it is covered very well in almost all home wiring books. This is an area in which a printed book still far surpasses any web site in the ability to deliver this information clearly. Public libraries and home improvement centers carry a good selection of DIY electrical books.

We can certainly help here with any questions that arise along the way.
Old 07-22-02, 11:01 AM
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i can't believe how stupid these people are and how stupid you people are who answer these questions.
Old 07-22-02, 02:49 PM
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mzjonaz, one thing that may make a big difference in you thoughts is that if you tap from a receptacle that is existing you are adding load to that existing branch circuit. You may not be adding amp capacity by adding a receptacle from an existing branch circuit. If you are wanting to add ampacity by adding a new receptacle to a room you may want to run a new branch circuit from the panel then add your new receptacle or receptacles from that new branch circuit then you would truly be adding power to the room. Often times just adding a new receptacle from an existing receptacle often just add convenience but no more power.

Next thought in my head on this subject is if you have a three wire branch circuit serving your existing receptacles or a two wire branch circuit.

If your existing branch circuits do not have an equipment grounding conductor in your cables then you will have grounding or GFI concerns that you need to research.

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buzzybuzzhead, the reply that you posted lacked caring for the other people in this forum and definitly portrayed a lack of professionalism on your part.

It is disappointing to see a person just jump right into a forum or a certain post and judge others that you have no idea of who they are or their level of intellegence.

What may be stupidity or a stupid act in your mind may be an act of good intentions of free giving in concern for others.

The only act that I have seen in this forum for quite a while if ever that may be construed as stupid would be the post that you made. However I don't know you well enough to make that judgement so I plan to withhold that thought at this time.

My dad always said that to cuss and call names is an act of a person trying to talk may be one who is lacking in knowledge and is trying to get people to listen to what that person is trying to say by talking forcibly, because they can't talk in a professional manner with evidence of knowledge that would make someone want to listen to them.

I would think more of you if you replied a written retraction for you attack on those that you don't know and then speak in a professional manner as to what is really on you mind. I truly hope that you correct your mistakes and then post what you have in your concerns for our activities. Then we can address those professionally placed concerns.

Waiting to see further


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