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I am baffled by a simple light switch. I
would like to get it working cause it will
score some points wiht my lady friend and
I sure need them ( her house ).. Older home
with fuse box. I replaced the switch and rewired and no go. Symptoms before were intermittant working ( had to wiggle Switch)
Now it won't work at all. Light is also controlled from another switch different location, it won't work either..Help
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Did you buy a 3-way switch, i.e., one with three screws (not counting a ground screw which may or may not be present)? If you bought a switch with either more or fewer screws, you bought the wrong switch.

How many wires come into the box and what colors?
- If you have two cables coming in, one with three wires (not counting ground) and one with two wires (not counting ground), then (a) connect the two whites together and not to the switch, (b) connect the two blacks and the red to the three non-ground screws on the switch (there are only six combinations -- try them all).
- If you have one cable coming in with three wires (not counting ground), connect them to the three screws (try all six combinations).
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Thanks for the quick reply. Trouble is that
the wires are not color coated. Older home.
Appears to be 3 wires all copper ? I may have
purchase the wrong switch 2way. I'll try the 3way. One thing further, after I removed the
fuse it seemed that I still got a little buzz
when I touched the metal box ? It is an electrians nightmare. Oh the wires are covered with some material, not plastic that
is hard to remove sort of weaved ????
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Okay. This is easy. Buy the right switch and hook up the three wires to the three screws in different combinations until it works correctly. If your switch has a ground screw (green), ignore it.
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If you got a good jolt on one wire when the fuse was pulled and it is an old house then there is the possibility that it has been wired with a switched neutral. Previous answers will still work but be careful what you touch ( more to the point , what two things you are touching). Dry hands (ie.not just after you get out of the shower, rubber soled shoes or even rubber (dry) gloves will all help keep you from the involuntary dancing of electric shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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