Voltage drop attn sparksone42

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Steve Mclean
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Voltage drop attn sparksone42

Howdy again,

Thank for your prompt replies. I did some more checking and found the toaster oven caused very little voltage drop when I tested it near the service panel next to Edison's pole. So, no doubt my problem is the wires are too small/the run is too long to my mobile home some 800 feet away. Would you have any idea what size wires I would need to use for a run this long, or where I can get such information? As I said the current set up is a single 4 wire cable with #2 aluminimum conductors. I was thinking I could pull larger copper wires through and minimize this voltage drop. I have a 2 inch conduit so it's pretty roomy.
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At 800 feet I think you will find that 2 inch none too roomy. You might be able to get 2/oo down it if you use single strands and unroll it properly. ??? Wire comes in 1000 ft spools. Also you might be able to use 3 wire in this case.
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I think that there is a much cheaper alternative to your situation! I would recommend that you look into a buck and boost transformer that could be mounted outside of your mobile home. To pull that conductor out and purchase the wire that will accomodate voltage drop would be out of the question.
If you were to install this small transformer I think you would save a lot of money. The pipe that you have existing is not large enough to accomodate the required wire size!
Get this: the wire size required with that voltage and distance would be 900 KCMIL not gonna happen.
Get with those electrical buddies and ask them about installing a buck and boost transformer so that you will have the correct voltage present that will help eliminate the problems.
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This post has been split I now discover. I made a reply much like sparksone42 concerning the buck boost transformer as a second option to solving that voltage drop concern being installed at the home.

I also suggested a possibly much less expensive option if you are lucky enough to have availble a buck / boost option inside the serving Utility company's transformer.

Check with my reply on the previous string involving this subject for more details.

Splitting posts on the same subject tends to cause double replies and confusion.

It would be better if we stayed on the same posting concerning the same subject to avoid confusion.

Good Luck

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Steve Mclean
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voltage drop buck boost transformer

Hi Thanks mucho for this info.

I'm not sure how this buck boost works. Are you saying it goes next to the mobile home? Is this a legal set up? I'm not adverse to putting in two 2/0 copper wires with a #2 neutral and a #8 ground if that is a better way to go. If that'll all fit in my 2 inch conduit. What say you.... This is a great web site!! Be sure to check out the site for voltage drop calculator.
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Steve Mclean
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OKay thanks all, I will look into SCE boosting voltage at their transformer, but I have a feeling they won't. Meanwhile I'll look into buck boost transformer vs increasing wire sizes.

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