nailguns and compressors


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nailguns and compressors

I would like to buy a framing nailer and also a finish nailer. I saw a good deal for a finish nailer that comes with the comressor which is a 4 or 6 gallons. Would I be able to use the framing nailer with this type of compressor ? I would also like to know , if I buy a finish nailer that uses nails 2and a half inch long will I be able to use shorter nails in it also ? Thank you, Tony
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About 2 years ago I decided to buy a compressor and 2 nailers just like you are now doing. I knew nothing about nailers or compressors, so I started talking to the carpenters on the construction sites I am watching (I'm an architect) about what nailers hold up best. After about 3 months of talk I settled on Senco. The brands of compressors varied all over the map. Since I didn't know anything about nailers or compressors, I went to a contractors supply house that sold only pneumatics so I could be sure I was talking to someone who knew what they were talking about. From what I was able to tell, I ended up paying maybe 5% more than Home Depot for the nailers. The one thing they told me about compressors is not to buy an oiless compressor. If you burn out a bearing in an oiless compressor, you bought a new compressor (costs too much to fix); with an oil compressor, just an easy repair. Disadvantage is that oil compreessor has to sit relatively level; don't sit it at an angle of the roof, please.

As far as nails, all nailers shoot a range of sizes; you just have to look at the range for each nailer. I was also told not to use generic nails, as they are more likely to jamb. Using Senco's nails, I have never had a jamb.

Hopefully, some of the more experienced contractors on this forum can help you also.

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I agree with Bruce H that the best source of info would be a dealer that specializes in pneumatics.
What I know however, is that generally the larger the nail capacity of the gun the larger it's air requirements.
If you were able to find a deal on a package, the compressor supplied with a framing nailer combo would certainly have enough air capacity for a brad nailer.

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