sharpening carbide blades

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sharpening carbide blades

is there a quick way to hand sharpen carbide blades for circular and table saws?
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Carbide requires a diamond lapping tool. I don't think that hand sharpening of circular saws is very practical. It requires specialized equipment to maintain the proper rake and angle of the teeth. If the value of the blade warrants it, professional sharpening is the only way to go.
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TCT tip sharpening

I have production experience in TCT saw blade . Based on my experience, it is not advisable to sharpen the tips only by hand tools. Normally the tips need to be grinded for all sides(3-4surface), and It requires grinding machine,certain fixtures and professional operator.
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Hello: slomo

As already and correctly noted here, it is not adviseable to do any hand or non professional machine sharpening on carbide blades.

It is not possible to correctly nor accurately sharpen carbide circular saw blades. Any attempt to do so will do more damage than good.

It is highly recommended and suggested to have such tools professionally sharpened.

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