Tool for Removing Wood Around Floor


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Question Tool for Removing Wood Around Floor

Hi all,

I am a new home owner and recently found out that I had termites in my garage. My exterminator recommending removing the based wood around the floor of the garage to prevent further infestation.I believe that this was left over from when the house was being built as a frame. The wood was covered with concrete and painted. However, it is about 3 inches think and extremely hard to remove. This is partially because it is joined to the floor with concrete. I have tried using a crow bar and hammer to remove the wood in front of the garage to house door. However, this did not work and I had to break off small pieces of wood at at time with the crowbar. To make matters worst, the next portion of the wood to be removed is under the garage wall (dry wall). Is there a specialized tool for doing this job? How can I get this done quicker and properly?

I've place pictures of the problem area on the follwing website. I'de really appreciate any advice that you can offer.

Pictures of Problem Area

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The correct tool to remove the wood is a reciprocating saw.
You would be able to lay the blade flat to the floor and hold the saw at a fairly flat angle to the wall.
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I'm not sure a piece of wood covered in concrete should be removed with a reciprocating saw, I don't know of a blade that will hold up long against the concrete.
I think if you were to use a wide scraper along each edge while rapping with a hammer to break up the concrete first a reciprocating saw may then work.
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The successful use of any tool is dependant on technique.
To use a recip saw as I suggested would maybe require and advanced technique.
A recip saw is able to self start a cut in flat material by holding the blade at a flat angle and using the tip portion of the blade to almost scratch the starter cut in the surface.
You would also in this case with a 6 inch or longer blade be able to lay the blade flat to the floor bending the blade so that the saw just clears the floor. Then if the saw is kept at a flat angle to the wood one could allow the blade to rub along the back wall.
This would cut the wood flush with the floor.
I do this type of cut on occassion but it is kinda hard to describe.

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