Cleaning & Care of Hand Tools


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Question Cleaning & Care of Hand Tools

I got some quality old wrenches and other hand tools from a departed family member that were not properly cared for. Any suggestions on how I can refurbish the old wrenches and steel tools without harming them? Some are slightly rusted, oxidized, discolored, and grease hardened.
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I pick up tools similar to that at pawn shops. Sometimes my tools end up that way after the kids leave them outside.

I use either Rust Eater or WD40 on the tools and let them soak a little. Then I use a cloth (red shop rags leave lint, but will do okay for this job). You may have to do this several times, but can use a fine steel wool on them to clean off any topical stuff that won't come off.

Afterwards, always clean your tools after use. The grease and grime usually doesn't hurt them other than ratchets will wear out quicker, and it is much nicer to start a project with clean tools.

In school we just wiped them down after use, and then stored them. Tools with rust may need to be lightly coated with WD40 to keep the rust away.

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Check this site out:
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That is a neat site!

Not only how easy it can be to clean your tools properly, but also how to maintain them.

Thanks thiggy!


Ps. I didn't know that WD40 wasn't good for the tools. Now I know.


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