Sharpening knives


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Sharpening knives

I do a lot of hunting fishing and general outdoors stuff I'm wondering what you think is the best way to sharpen:


Serrated Bladed Knifes

And Arrow heads.

I've tried numerous methods from wetstones to files to grind stones What stone or technique seems to hold the edge the longest? I know no blade is the same or even the same amterial but what seems to be the best technique? I've learned a few ways of doing it such as using s circular motion on a wet stone, a pull away motion etc... Arrow heads I usualy just replace.

So far the best tool I've found was at walmart, it was a piece of plastic with a slot in it holding two ceramic bars, you just draw the knive through it, it works wonders on serrated blades and most of my fixed blades but I'm still not sure if its the best. What are you opinions?
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Hello Gotrek and Welcome to my Sharpening forum.

As your already well aware, there is always more than one method to accomplish a task. Sharpening is no exception. And I am almost always sure you'll obtain several more here.

In my professional sharpening shop, we use power machinery specialized for the tools. Knives are no exception. However, for the casual user and or sportsmans purpose, a common belt sander will do just fine.

The belt can be any type of medium grit to start the process. Finishing with a fine grit belt and then some minor honing to remove burrs.

The knifes cutting edge faces down and at an angle to match the existing angle. Carefully pass the entire cutting surface across the moving belt. Sharpening is done in several passes until a completely new cutting edge is obtained.

Once the new edge is obtained, change to a fine grit belt and make one or two additional lite passes to finely sharpen the edge and remove burrs.

Now the final honing can be completed. Extra fine grit sanding pads or sheets can be used as well as honing stones etc. No power equipment to hone the edge. This task takes only minutes by hand.

At no time during this entire process is a wet stone, wet wheel, grinding stone, grinding wheel etc mentioned or suggested to be used. It will not be required, once you master the technique on a table top power belt sander.

Granted, this method isn't the best preferred by those whom think they know. But it is amazing that they have their hunting knives sharpened here in this fashion at times and never know it....

Serrated knives require a machine that can duplicate the serrated edges. One is used here and it is a commerical machine. Priced much too high for causal and or non commerical useage.

Arrow heads? Never done here. Have no machinery to deal with it. Hand labor intensive and not cost effective nor profitable.

Kind of like sharpening fish hooks. Don't laugh. Many sporting mags and manuals advise the sportsman to sharpen new and never used fishing hooks. A little over board, {pun intended} in my opinion...

Should you require additional assistance, kindly use the REPLY button. By doing so, the additional information you add will remain within this posting {Thread} and allow the other readers of this topic to follow along.

Regards and Good Luck.
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