metal surface area rust


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metal surface area rust

i've got a 12" delta drill press, and the table top is rusting on this thing. it's got that "cut-metal" kind of look to it, and i'm wondering what i can do to get this off, and then to KEEP it off??

i'm close to buying the RIDGID tablesaw, but it worries me because it has this same "cut-metal" top, and it's a good bit of surface area!

thanks in advance . . . this may be helping me to FINALLY get a nice tablesaw!
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I use car wax on my table saw; doesn't work too bad. Would be interested to hear if anyone knows of something that works better.

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i was also told about "bowling floor" wax. i can't remember what else it's referred to as, but minwax makes the stuff i have, and it's pretty thick. it makes the wood glide nicely on the surface, but i'm just not sure it protects against rust.
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Trick my great grandpa learned over in old world; use 'Kaarsvet' which is tallow made back home in Holland. It comes from Chinese tallow trees. It's odorless, very wax like, usually white, and is packaged in hockey puck sized $1.99 foil packets. You slowly heat one up in a old pot or can until it becomes a clear liquid and then brush a thin coat on any surface you need to protect from rust, or from water. Craft stores have it in their candle making sections.
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You are certainly not alone. All the larger tools, table saw, dp, jointer and such are made the same way, no matter what brand.

I've been watching my Delta Contractor saw and jointer all summer - No problem. But for some reason in the past couple weeks they have acquired that other color. I use a green scothbrite pad on my ROS sander. It takes off the surface rust pretty good. The Mothers carnauba car wax finally gave way. You just have to stay after the tools and attack the rust before it gets too bad.

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appreciate the responses, and the "bowling floor" was is actually a paste finishing wax (minwax). i'm not sure how well it protects, but it keeps things gliding along nicely.

guess i'll just have to keep my eyes on my surface areas -- and, guess sawdust is not a good enough anti-rust protector -- oh well!!

has anyone seen this RIDGID tablesaw (model # TS3612)?? i'll tell ya, for around $600 (and a lifetime warranty!), this will be in my garage in a few months.

thanks for all the info!!
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More about my 'Kaarsvet' tallow suggestion: If you really want to forget about rust forming on work surfaces and tool tops give it a try. My grandfather's Hoboken NJ blacksmiths shop was less than a block from the Hudson River and the sea air always made rust a problem. Everything he made had to be quickly cleaned and red-leaded, or it would very quickly rust. The situation was so bad that his hot bending table for twisting handrails and fire escape ballusters would have a thin layer of rust on it each morning, but not his machine tops. They were protected from the tallow.

He had a huge, ancient, drill press out back in the alley that was kept covered with a soggy canvas. The work surface was a homemade steel plate that could be raised or lowered with a hydraulic truck jack mounted underneath. Even though it was kept outside and always exposed to the elements the coat of tallow kept the work surface totally rust free.

When I was a little kid I used to use tongs to dip freshly threaded askew head bolts that he made for lintels in warm tallow so that they would not rust on him.

The woodwrights down the block used to make all sorts of mouldings and used to dip their cutting heads (they had hundreds of different kinds) in tallow too.

Give it a try, you will be glad you did.
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thanks, nutandboltking . . . i will DEFINITELY be trying to find some of that . . . i can see a TON of uses for that!!

thanks again!!
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Another product that works for inhibiting rust is called Penetrol. I use it to protect outdoor tools and such. You wipe it on the surface, let it soak in (even into metal) then wipe it off. Everyday type maintenance....

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definitely appreciate all the responses, and i've got several things to try out now . . . as long as the stores nearby carry some of them!! THANKS!!!!
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