framing nailer nail sizes


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framing nailer nail sizes

i'm still trying to get a definite decision on a framing nailer (definitely round-head). i'm really liking the coil nailers, but the max nail size is 0.131, and i'm wondering if that will work for me.

some of the stick nailers go up to 0.148, even 0.162. problem is, home depot doesn't go any higher than 0.131, so getting the bigger nails may be a pain, but the bigger nail is kind of appealing. of course, the shorter 1.5" coil nail is appealing too -- so, i'm trying to decide between a thicker, but longer nail, or a thinner, but shorter nail.

i'm planning on using this thing for a pergola, shed frame, indoor bar frame, nothing MAJOR. so, should i sacrifice the ability for a shorter 1.5" nail for the thicker nail??

thanks in advance, and i hope this all made sense!
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nail gun

Don't know how much you want to spend, but in my opinion no gun is better than an Hitachi. I have a US brand that is an Hitachi clone because at the time I bought it, it was $100 cheaper. Now the Hitachi is actually cheaper than US. They will both shoot round head nails from 7-16d--all the way up in thickness to common. Not sure on the length of the 7's, but the 16's go from 3" to 31/4". I would definitly use 16's on a pergola (any 2" lumber. Hope this is helpful.
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thanks for the response, chukmac . . . will definitely check out the hitachis!

one more basic, relatively stupid question, but what is the actual inch-diameter of a "common nail" -- is it 0.148" or 0.162" or neither?? that's the one piece of info i can't seem to find.

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excuse my ignorance

sorry for all the dumb nail questions, but i never had to worry about SIZE before, i just grabbed a length and diameter that worked, and never really concentrated on it.

but, i found this chart:

size len. diam. len. diam. len. diam.
2d 1" 0.072 1" 0.067 1" 0.062
4d 1 1/2" 0.109 1 1/2" 0.080 1 1/2" 0.072
6d 2" 0.120 2" 0.099 2" 0.095
8d 2 1/2" 0.134 2 1/2" 0.113 2 1/2" 0.109
10d 3" 0.148 3" 0.128 3" 0.120
12d 3 1/4" 0.148 3 1/4" 0.128 3 1/4" 0.120
16d 3 1/2" 0.165 3 1/2" 0.135 3 1/2" 0.120

this majorly cleared things up for me!

porter-cable makes a nailer (FR350MAG), that actually shoots up to the 16-penny common nails, so i'm thinking that's what i'm going to get (about $270 on amazon).

thanks again for the response, chukmac!!
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Glad you found the chart--had to go out to the shop and check what I had. the commons I have are .163--In some cases they are required for house framing-in others .131 is ok. Don't think anyone will complain about either if it's not for living or commercial space. Sounds like a good price on the Porter Cable--Sencos run between 300-400.
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well, after a whole BUNCH of flip-flopping on a decision -- i accidentally found the bostitch N88RH. all the specs i've seen said this will only shoot 0.131", but the bostitch site says otherwise . . . i even called to verify.

this thing goes up to 0.162", tool-free depth adjustment, and it's on sale at amazon for $270 . . . that's the one!!!

thanks for all the input, chukmac! i've got 2 bostitch nailers, and i've got NO complaints, so i'm PSYCHED now!!
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keith r lesueur
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Smile nailer

for framing i use and swear by a hitachi nr83 the nails are avail at home depot can use anything from 8 to 12d nails great for framing, siding, and sheathing for interior work i use a porter cable finish nailer which shoots 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 finish nails and also a brad nailer from grizzly
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thanks, keith! i've heard / read good things about the hitachi's too, but i was REALLY glad to see bostitch made exactly what i was looking for. they've got the specs wrong on, so i breezed right over this gun initially.

i've got grizzly's nailer / stapler, and i'm really happy with it so far. the only problem is that since it does both, it marks the wood like it's shooting a staple, no matter WHAT i'm really shooting. not a big deal though, cause i've got a bostitch i use for anything i'm trying to do a little nicer.

haven't tried any of grizzly's BIGGER tools, but i've got the nailer / stapler, and a little plunge router that i'm real happy with . . . customer service seems pretty nice too.

appreciate the response!!
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