table saw problem


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Question table saw problem

Although just a cheap little Delta table saw, I did expect a little more use out of it. Here's the problem. The blade barely rotates and if you put wood against it it stops. Self diagnosing it, I am thinking the brushes and/or bearings. Is this something easy to do? Or is the best bet just to go out and buy a new table saw? If something is broken around here I have atough time leaving it alone.
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Depends on the age of the saw. If the blade rotates freely then probably not a bearing problem. Best bet probably remove the motor and take it to a local shop that does electrical motor work and have them check it out. Then you can decide if it's better to repair, replace, or pitch the whole saw.
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I agree with the_tow_guy in that it may be better to let a motor shop condemn the saw or get rid of it.
You could check the bearings yourself. Ensure that the saw is unplugged. Remove the blade and then check the motor shaft to see if there is any up and down play in it. Brush type motors are slightly less sensitive to bearing play than capacitor types but this could still cause a loss of power.
Worn or dirty brushes would also cause this problem. If the motor is an open type then you may be able to see if there is excessive sparking at the brushes. Most of these motors are sealed and you would probably have to dismantle to check.
I helped a friend replace a motor on a Craftsman tablesaw that originally cost him $500.00. The motor cost $280.00 plus shipping and taxes. If I had charged him, he would have nearly paid the price of a new saw to repair it.
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Sounds like you may have more than bearing problems. I think you have a bad winding in the fields, or armature. Does the motor smell funny...a little burnt or hot when running? Is it a direct drive tabletop saw, or a bigger full size saw? 110v or 220v?
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re table saw problem

I only paid $90 for it. Cheapest model there was. I only plan on doing small projects with it. No need for the bigger models. I have until the end of this month until the 2 year warranty runs out. I really haven't used it that much. Just have been cutting pieces of wood for the trim around windows. Inside and out. 7 windows.

Yes I may have smelled a little something funny from the motor. Once I realized it wasn't cutting properly I turned it off to inspect it. (Yes, I unplugged it too) The blade spins freely in either direction. Can't recall if this is normal since I don't use it that much. But I think there may have been more resistance before.
There is no side to side or up and down motion. Seems secure there. Any thoughts? I might just buy another one this weekend. Sears has a little Craftsman on sale that would suit me. I have found that a table saw is an essential. However I still haven't unpacked my mitre saw that I bought a year ago.
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Arbor size?

Any chance that your saw arbor is smaller than the standard size? Perhaps a 1/2" arbor and you are using a 5/8" arbor saw blade. With saw unplugged try loosening the lock nut and see if you can raise and lower the blade fractionally. Have you tried running the saw without the blade? Can you tell any difference?
If any warranty left I'd sure take it to the service center if possible. Good luck and keep us posted on what you discover.
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table saw problem

I should refrase this. The blade and whatever it is attached to spins freely. Not just the blade. It is the original blade that came attached to the saw when I bought it.
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If you only paid $90.00 for this saw and there is still warranty on it, your choice is really quite simple.
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erica; A quick search shows that back in Jan '01 you posted a question about what kind of saw blades you should use on this saw for the high density materials you were going to cut. I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but sometimes we all forget the obvious: have you taken the wrenches and checked to see if the blade you're now using is on tight?

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