hammer handle replacement


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hammer handle replacement

i just broke my hammer - the handle broke off right where it connects to the head. i want to replace the handle myself - im gonna buy one from here, actually - and i was hoping someone would be able to tell me how to get that freakin wood out of the head?? the only easy way i can think to do this would be to throw the head in a lil' fire and let that burn the wood in there. . .but that seems a little. . inconvenient. and once im ready to put the head on a new handle, whats the best way to do this? i dont need that thing flying off in mid-swing. . . .

thanks for any help!

.m a t t.
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Believe it or not, throwing the head in a fire is exactly what I remember my dad doing years ago! However, it seems to me you could drill a series of holes and work the wood out that way. Don't know what they do now, but years back we put the head on the new handle and then drove steel wedges into the top. I think the wedges came with the handle.

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Throwing the hammer head in a fire will get rid of the wood, but it will take the temper out of the steel.
As Bruce says you will have to worry it out by drilling and chiselling .
A lot of hammers use epoxy to set the handle, so you may not see a wedge.
I have seen replacement handles with an epoxy kit included, but
have no experience with them.
I have a collection of hammer heads, because I can often find hammers on sale for not much more than the new handle. Also the only heads I have to tighten up are ones I have replaced the handle on.
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I have a favorite hammer that I will not part with (28 oz). When I broke the original handle, I drilled some of the wood out & the rest, along with the wedge, fell out. The new handle came with 2 wedges. I also wrapped the grip portion of the handle and about 2" below the head with some rubber tape that is sold to wrap tennis rackets. It's real grippy & gives some protection for those near hits.
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thanks guys

awesome! i appreciate the advice - i was actually tempted to throw it in a fire, but i think ill just drill the wood out. its a pretty old hammer, the two wedges in the top are still there thanks again!

.m a t t.
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