how to remove drill chuck?


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how to remove drill chuck?

I am trying to remove the drill chuck from a cordless electric drill/driver. I'm using the technique of inserting the chuck key into the chuck and hitting it with a mallet which is supposed to loosen the drill chuck from the threaded spindle. (This method is recommended in my Sears instruction manual as well as in the help pages). Unfortunately, when I whack this setup with my hammer (I don't have a mallet), all that happens is the chuck, spindle and attached electric rotor rotate. Any suggestions?


P.S. Before you ask, yes I know that the threads are reversed and I'm trying to move the chuck clockwise. ;-)
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Most drills that I have done this on use a machine screw to secure the chuck to the shaft.
If you look down inside the chuck you may see it.
I also use an allen wrench tightened in the chuck.
Hit the end of the wrench quite briskly and it should come.
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I take the screw out of the center then put an allen wrench in and tighten it down then put drill on the edge of the bench and hit the trigger and let the drill do the work. This has worked pretty slick for me.yuo may have to run it back and forth a couple times tho.
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Your method is almost right. The screw located in the center of the chuck is a left hand thread(turn clockwise to remove). The chuck its self is right hand threaded on to the spindle(turn counter clockwise to remove). If this is a fairly new drill, the chuck was also, probably Loc-Tite -ed on. It will still come off, but will require a little more persuation. Some companies even Loc-Tite the screw. I have sometimes had to drill out the screw head to get a chuck off.

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