Which table saw??


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Which table saw??

I'm in the market for a new table saw.I am not a proffessional woodworker or carpenter so the work I would be doing will be kept in the basement-light woodworking projects,etc.I am confused about belt drive vs. direct drive.Am I wasting my money buying a direct drive? I have my eyes on a delta for around $220.I realize the belt drives are more expensive but I don't want to spend much more than $250. Are direct drives worth buying?
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You really don't get much for $250.00.
A table saw is the heart of a woodworking tool collection.

A budget is a budget, but might be one you may not be sorry blowing or waiting untill you can afford a better one.

I have seen some decent direct drive saws. The difference is in the mitre guide, fence and top.
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There's not much that can go wrong with a table saw that will cost much to fix except the motor. With a direct drive, it means a major cash out lay to replace it. With a belt driven saw, it's just the motor. While not all that cheap either, it's a lot less expensive that the direct drive. You may get lucky & find an inexpensive motor.
Also, once you get a table saw, you'll be surprised at all of the cutting you will use it for that you use to do with a circular saw.
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I have a belt drive Craftsman. The thing really like about it is that I was able to put an adjustable sheave pulley (not sure if thats the right terminology) on the motor so that I can adjust arbor speed for different attachments. Just have to be careful not to exceed recommended speeds for the various attachments.

BTW, my dad has a Craftsman table saw with a cable that drives the arbor. After about 3 or 4 years the cable broke and it cost well over $100 for a new one.

I also agree with GregH, $250 doesn't get much in a table saw. I've found that it's usually accuracy that suffers at the lower end of the price range; even if you don't do much woodworking, it will be a real frustration if you can't get the accuacy you want. Seems like every time I buy a cheap tool, I regret it. But then, sometimes a person has to live withing a budget, period.

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Years ago my first saw was a Delta benchtop. Smaller saws do have their limitations, but you sort of learn to live with them.
Now I have a contractors' saw and know there is quite a difference. Here's some good insight you should read prior to your purchase:


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Thanks guys that's pretty much the consensus I've been hearing -i guess the difference between the belt drive and direct drive is like night and day.Thanks a million!!
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the first "major" tool i bought was a delta benchtop table saw, for about $130. it lasted for a nice long time, and worked . . . well . . . allright. but, i bought that about 2 years ago, and with the amount of wood-working i've been doing, i've been BLESSED with an upgrade to the ridgid TS3612 -- about $600, i think.

it's a tough call to make, but once you start with wood-working, you may be HOOKED, then you'll be doing an upgrade eventually too . . . just something to keep in mind.

oh, the delta was a 10" direct drive (louder), and the ridgid is a 10" belt drive (much quieter, with way more power and cutting area).

the old delta will be going to a friend, so it wasn't a complete waste, but i coulda saved $130 right from the beginning. of course, i really didn't realize how much i would ENJOY doing all this!

so, there's, basically . . . well, NO answer for ya!
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