Woodworking with Jigsaw


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Woodworking with Jigsaw

For an early Christmas gift my brother gave me a Jig saw. As a professional photographer, I have been insterested in doing puzzles, and acrylic cut-outs. Can anyone please tell me if this sort of work can be done with a jigsaw? I know most people use a skroll saw.

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depending on the detail of the work, a jigsaw might be tough -- this sounds more like scroll saw work, like you said.

a jigsaw is a VERY useful tool though!
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Can anyone give me some ideas of what to use it for? Right now I am using it to rip some peg board to size for makeshift doors for the front of my computer stand. (little hands sticking color pencils in my printer all the time). I also saw on "Your New House" they used one for cutting the center out of a door to put a new window in, but that is all I can think of doing with one.

Any other ideas?
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can't really answer this question . . . it's one of those things where you'll discover the different uses for it. you'll probably be finding new stuff all the time!
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I use mine most often when making plywood shelves. I cut the shelves with a circular saw, but then I round the corners with a jig-saw anytime I have a shelf that will stick out and might snag a shirt or pant leg. Also useful for cutting holes in my plaster walls when I am adding an electrical outlet or a new network/cable/phone outlet.
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The jig saw will be fine for many projects.
But for making puzzles a scroll saw will be better due to the smaller kerf and tight fitting puzzle pieces.

check this out:

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