Dull paper trimmer.


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Dull paper trimmer.

I have a Boston 2624 24" paper trimmer with a dull blade. The documentation states that the blade never needs sharpening, however the blade is dull in the middle of the blade. Is there anyway to sharpen a paper trimmer blade?
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Hello: pluto

The answer is both yes and no.....

All blades get dull. Paper cutters of the table top variety can be resharpened. The blades both must be removed. They can be resharpened on a belt sander using a 120 grit belt.

The caution here is to maintain the exact cutting angle.
This method requires both practice and precision.

Errors are most likely to happen and are not easily corrected when hand holding and sharpening in this manner. This method is often used at some sharpening shops and is best left to the pros....

If the entire cutter is in good condition, the blades are both in constant contact and the blades are not chipped or pitted, it is worth every cent to pay a professional sharpener to do the sharpening.

Curved blades and most bottom bed knives are not doityourself projects if the item still has value. Blade replacements and or sharpening services are usually offered by the the manufacturer.

Which is a good judgement to consider when a claim is made that blades never get dull....they do get dull and that's why sharpening is ususally available by the mfg....

Sharpening shops are listing in local phone books. With cutter and or blades in hand, visit your local sharpening shop. The owner will be glad to see you, happy you came and so will you.
Cash is always accepted....

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What about?

Can they be resharpened without disassembling by cutting sheets of fine grade sandpaper alternating the sanding surface of the paper with each cut?
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Hello: sandy2000

I have never tried the method you're suggesting. I doubt it can be done correctly in that fashion, if it's even possible.

The blades are hardened steel. The grinding machine uses a grinding wheel to accomplish the task. A belt sander can be used also. But either method does not accomplish the task in one step.

Multiple passes are required to remove sufficient metal to simply clean up the surfaces before sharpening can even begin. Once the edge or cutting surface clean up is completed, the sharpening begins.

There are several passes of the cutting edge to the wheel which are required to complete the sharpening process. Each pass of the edge must be done slowly and lightly to avoid over heating the steel and or removing too much material at once.

Sharpening is not simply removing some metal from dull edges. The process must be done correctly or the match of the two blades will be incorrect and the paper will either not get cut correctly or tear.
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