Any opinions on these?


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Any opinions on these?

What's the word on Craftsman cordless tools? I've been looking for a new hammer drill/trimsaw combo...and the Milwakee and Dewalt combos are just a bit too high for me. I see that Sears is offering a 19.2volt hammer drill/trimsaw/light combo for $180 US, saving me at least $200. Any bad reviews on these?

Edit: Not a hammer drill, just a drill, and it's $160...
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Fine Homebuilding, March 2003, No. 153 has a review of 18 V cordless drills. For $180 you can probably do better than Sears. Try Tool Crib of the North for good prices on quality tools. Almost nothing sells for MSRP.
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I think your decision on what to purchase should be based on your intended use of the tool.

Craftsman power tools are just rebranded, and my experience is that they can be a good buy for only a very casual user.

One thing to keep in mind as well is that cordless tools are normally a very short term investment.
Depending on use, you are likely to only get a couple of years out of a set of batteries and the replacements will be more costly than the complete outfit.

An industrial corded tool is a lifetime investment, not so with batt powered.

Milwaukee is an industrial make that seems to have not sold out by trying to bridge the commercial / homeowner gap as Delta has done under B&D's ownership.
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Delat is not owned by B&D. Perhaps you are thinking of Dewalt? Last I heard Delta and Porter Cable came back from the dead when Pentair purchased Rockwells power tool division.
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Thumbs up Thanks for the correction.

I knew that.........

I must have Delta on my mind because I'm going to their warehouse when I go to the big city this weekend.

Looking forward to making my 20 yr old Delta table saw run like new with a couple of parts.
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Check places out that handle refurbished tools. Amazon occasionally has reconditioned tools. I alos buy tools at my local pawnshop. I am just careful to make sure that the tools don't look like they have been abused.
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Posts: 131 for good $$$ on 'reconditioned" portable power tools. Name brands, too.
1 year warranty, can't go wrong. I bought a batt. drill and it 's working out well here in the shop.
Going to be all pneumatic equipment eventually, though....
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forwarding info...

Hey, for what it's worth I posted a question "for a new homeowner" a few months ago and got a lot of feedback about Craftsman tools (most of in unfavorable I'm affraid). You might want to check it out as it may provide some of the info you're looking for. Good luck, I don't have any info to provide from 1st hand experience, but I'm looking for a decent compound mitre saw. Good luck in you search, I've also seen some decent looking (in my uneducated opinion) Ryobi sets at HD you might want to check out.

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Try too.
Great prices on refurbished and great people to deal with. I ordered a slightly used SCMS for my Dad and they ran out right before I got my order in.. they ended up sending me a brand new one for the same price and actually went one step higher for model.
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You can easily check who is making the tool for Sears by looking at the first three digits of the model #:

1) "900" in the model prefix is a Dewalt/Black and Decker.

2) "315" is a Ryobi

3) "113" is Emerson Electric.

etc, etc. I have published a link to a Sears source list here a couple of times and you can easily find it on

So, it depends and it makes it a bit easier to do research. I have not had a problem with anything Sears over the years from hand tools to power tools.
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Try, they have the cordless drills at great price, also there are lots of tool related products on this site, price is great too!
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The only thing I would ever buy as craftsmen go's is hand tools. That because of there replacment plan.

As far as power tools go Craftsmen are home owner models. They are fine if you rarly use them, But my tools a my livelihood. I use them daily. Home owner models wear out way to fast.

As for a cordless drill, I like the dewalts. I have a 18v hammerdrill and the monster 24v. That bad boy has 550 lbs of torque and can be corded when needed.

Question: How much do you save when you have to replace the cheaper tool 3-5+ times in the life of one contractor grade tool?

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