Any better pegboard hooks?


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Any better pegboard hooks?

Has anyone come up with better pegboard hooks for 1/8"
board other than the standard "lock-in" that don't stay locked in?
I've seen some nice (but expensive) hooks for 1/4" but nothing for the thinner version. I have tried wiring the hooks in with picture frame wire (before mounting the board) and that worked until I had to rearrange the hooks. Does anyone have any tips?
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How about nylon tie-wraps.
You could likely find them in a color to match the board if that's an issue and their fairly inexpensive.
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Try a search for "1/8 inch pegboard hooks" without the quotes. A DIY site came up on top of 179 hits. The nylon ties that GregH mentions works very well for this but doesn't help when things need to be re-arranged. Hope something turns up with your Google shopping......Mike
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ahhhhh, free tip, take a hot glue gun, position the pegs, and then hot glue them to the board generously, they wont come out anymore, but you can pull them out if you decide to move them.

Cheap, works, saves the hooks falling behind the workbench everytime you take down a tool too. -Josh

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