service/repair hydraulic floor jack


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service/repair hydraulic floor jack

I have a 21/4 ton sears hydraulic floorjack that I would like to service. Any service tips or descriptive processes welcome. Also looking for a good source for parts.

I did read the other hydraulic floorjack post and did follow the link to http:\\ for parts; they don't list Sears.

I don't like the jack but want to repair it anyway; please don't simply suggest a new one.

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Plug the model # on and then "parts" to pull up a blowup diagram of the unit and go from there. You can order the parts online.
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Ahhhh - the basics...!

I'll hit it first every time from here on out.

That was the info I needed though!

Thanks a lot!

Joe. You're cool.
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The reason you don't see Sears there is because they don't make the jack---someone else does.

The first three digits of the model # denote who makes the jack for them. I have a brand new Sears 3 ton unit---it's imported, not my pick. I'm not sure who made the other ones. My friend has an old Sears unit, it is made in Japan. When the package with the parts arrives, take notice of the logos or the brand name, and that's who it's coming from.

One time I ordered a battery for my grandfather's Sears cordless light, and it came in a Black and Decker package. Hmmm, no surprise who the OEM maker was! LOL. You can often figure that out on any Sears product and then go to a source that deals in that brand to save a few bucks (Sears marks things up a bit).

For instance, my #536.82231 '65 Craftsman blower is made by Murray (by virtue of takeover of the original company). The part #s in the parts lists are actually Murray parts. If I bring them to the parts dealer (any one) and say "give me a 27046 Murray speed disc", they will pull out a part with a Murray logo, not a Sears logo. The whole trick is finding out the source!

I am trying to figure out if the 2 1/4 Blackhawk that I got from an estate sale for free is worth fixing. I got it working but it leaks and a kit to fix it is 55 bucks! It might need another part or two.

Then again, to replace that jack is probably 400 bucks today for a Marquette/Lincoln.

You're welcome and glad I could help.

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