Non-pneumatic nailers


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Smile Non-pneumatic nailers

Looking to buy an electric or combustion nailer for my daughter. The nailer will be used mostly for finishing work, moldings. Would appreciate recommendations. I am a leary of combustion nailers. Any comments on this.


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I met a guy who said the paslode was as good with the compressor as it was with the gas cartridges. He said that overall cost was about the same with the cartridges since you did not have to buy a compressor.

I have compressor driven nailers.
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I have used Paslode airless guns quite a lot and they do afair job. The biggest drawback is their weight, and they have to be kept VERY clean to keep working properly. They also don't work too good in cold weather. I prefer air powered tools for various reasons. With a good compressor you have other options as far as tools go. Air mechanic tools, blow guns to clean dust out of tools, paint sprayers, etc. You can spend $350.00 or so on an Impulse nailer ( Paslode) and you will have a nailer. Spend $350.00 or so on a compressor and a nail gun and you have many more available options.
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After being sold on air nailers with the purchase of a 2" air stapler at an auction and a new half price brad nailer, I have been looking at these nailers and can't justify the added headaches.

I think that for infrequent or hobby use an air operated nailer might be the best choice.
I have two friends that have them. One is a contractor that swears by them because of not having to be tied down with a hose, but he does a lot of scaffold work. His crew will also go through a couple of cases of nails a day.
The other is a carpentry instructor at the local college. He likes the Paslode but has two beefs. He will sometimes use them at six month intervals and finds that the cartriges will be flat after sitting that long. Warranty depot couldn't correct the problem.
Also, when the students are using them he finds that he is spending all his time keeping them running, even though he doesn't have any problem using them himself.

There's a "Bammer" combustion finish nailer by Porter Cable at our local pawn shop for cheap.
A feature I didn't like was the fact that you had to compress a chamber with a movement of about 2 1/2 inces before each shot. This takes enough force that if you were working on a small bench project you would almost have to clamp it down.
I can't find it on Porter Cable's site any more so maybe they don't want to admit to that one.
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senco's new battery powered brad nailer looks pretty sweet. Our carpenter has one.
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Huumm im a painter and one of my contractors has a trim man working by the hr.So he furnished the tools for him.Complete with a Paslode trim nailer a frameing nailer.Both work great.Exsept in the cold as mentioned.But he useally got the temp up with a spaceheater in the winter.And was off and shooting after a bit of warming.Anyway he has used it to trim over 15 2800sq ft homes,complete with a ton of crown molding.Id say he uses somewhere around 1200 to 1600 finish nails per house.And its still shooting.I must say im empressed.

P/S i bought a Porter cable on clearence,and was very peaed at its performance.Now i no why it was on clearence.I returned it.Yep H-D took it back,even tough it was a clearence item..They also stoped selling Porter cable airless.So stear clear of these.Everything i own it Porter Cable.But when i buy another airless nail gun,ill garanty it will be bright orange.
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I have the Bammer from Porter cable.
Works great indoors or when temp outside stays above 30deg.
The part about haveing to compress the nailer is a drawback especially if the item you want to nail cant move ,forceing down on nailer can cause the item to shift.
Porter-Cable discontinued this due to not meeting theyre expectations.
Also good luck finding cartridges.
Very hard to locate if at all anymore.
$300.00 3 years ago and is only worth its weight if you have the gas charges.
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Interesting to hear about the bammer.

I recently had the opportunity to buy a used one at a pretty good price but passed on it after noticing the force required to push in the plunger before firing.

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