Rust on Table saw and Jointer


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Rust on Table saw and Jointer

Shame, shame on me.....

With the colder winter this year a couple of my tools became neglected in the unheated garage. I have some surface rust on my table saw and jointer. I did put some wax on the surfaces last fall..................BUT.
I have used a Scotch brite pad on my ROS in the past.
Has anyone used 320 grit paper or is that too coarse for the tool tops?? Just wondering.

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Welcome to the club.
Rusty must be both our middle names!

You and I must be doing the same things beacause I have just removed the rust from my table saw, jointer and band saw.

I used 180 grit in an air sander and finished with 280 wet/dry and used windshield anti-freeze as the lubricant.
It's pretty good looking but I'm going to try a fine wire wheel to buff it up.
I'd suggest you use the sandpaper first.

It's hard to get a shine because of the natural porosity of aged cast iron.
If you discover how to make the surface shine let me know.
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I like to use a silicone product on my table saw table and fence. I discovered this quite by accident. I set a bottle of tire dressing on my table saw one time and it left a ring. When I wiped it off, I liked the way it looked, so I rubbed down the whole thing with it. I love the way it makes the fence slide more easily and it doesn't seem to attract dust and dirt the way WD40 does. Also, it doesn't transfer to the wood.
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I too have a problem with rust on the cast iron of my table saw. I cleaned it with a wire cup brush in a drill & then went over it with a piece of paraffin (old candle). I then spread the paraffin around with the cup brush. It left it looking good, the miter runs real well in it's slot & it seems to have held up all winter.
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I clean mine with a scotchbrite pad and johnson's floor paste wax and it works fine in an unheated garage.
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And I use a Scotchbrite pad or steel wool, and apply spray silicon.
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I certainly agree with the Scotchbrite pads, it does a good job of poliishing.

However, I avoid any silicone entirely, it can transfer to wood. Any any trace of silicone can be the downfall of a good finish application.
I'll stick to Mother's Carnauba wax.


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