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glass cutter

hi tom, i just recently purchased a glass cutter, the one about the size of a ink pen with the tiny wheel and the notches for breaking the cuts. it said on the package to hone the wheel for a sharp cut. my question is how do you hone such a little wheel and what do you use.
thank, gary
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Hello: gwk007

Honing stones can be purchased at privately owned hardware stores. Honing stones come in several types and grits.

Take the cutters with you. Having the cutter with you will help the sales person help you select the correct ones.

You're most likely going to need more than one honing stone and a finishing and or polishing belt to remove any burrs.

Of course, some practice.... May not be too easy to sharpen by hand and still maintain the original shape and angle.

Practice makes perfect....

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You can also visit a local glass shop and inquire. Do so from the prospective of taking an interest in the trade.

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